Loosing The Persecuted Preacher-Woman 7


Loosing The Persecuted Preacher-Woman: 7-Tests Every Preacher-Woman Must Pass (When Preachers Prey and Don’t Pray) (Volume 3)
by Dr. Sandy D. Murphy | Aug 12, 2018


Even though we spiritually impact almost everyone around us, our level of influence is not the same with everybody. But if you truly want to make an influence in someone’s life, then you must do it close up. You become a spiritual influence in other’s lives when you encourage and communicate with them on an emotional level. This process will do two things spiritually: (1) it will create a bridge between you and them to communicate and (2) It will build up their confidence and sense of self-worth in themselves. When people feel good about you and themselves during the times they’re with you, then your level of influence increases significantly to trust you with their hearts. So the enemy uses the same methodology, only it is a counterfeit. He preys on your weaknesses and your vainglory strengths. He soon learns what it takes to manipulate you, and/or the best time to feed you pride to make you feel important, needed, and not rejected. He spiritually controls your mind as he prepares you for self-destruction!


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