From PAGE Eighteen Before CHAPTER Sixty-Five


From PAGE Eighteen Before CHAPTER Sixty-Five Paperback – September 6, 2019
by Dr. Sandy D. Murphy (Author)


In spite of all of my REAL life-happens” challenges and God’s divine purpose-driven test in my life that seemed so unfair; along with prayers unanswered or appearing to be overlooked, I am still extremely grateful for this grace-filled and merciful life. As I continue to seek God to help me do my best to maintain and demonstrate the fruit of His authentic love, peace, patience, and longsuffering; especially in the face of those who are Judas-minded, up-close, and personal in my life, God knows I frequently found myself at His feet REPENTING for my ungodly thoughts about “some people.” I guess my struggle was maintaining sincere patience and longsuffering to avoid reacting the “way” the frustration was boldly demonstrated towards me. I KNOW IT WAS TRULY THE SAVING GRACE OF GOD that those Judas-minded populations did not get to meet the “old-dead” fleshly ways of the carnal/angry Sandy, who would aggressively kick-butt and ask why you being a hater later! If there’s NO enemy WITHIN, then there’s NO enemy OUTSIDE that can do us ANY Harm! It’s what we BELIEVE about ourselves; NOT what people say about us that can make us believe or act on what they believe. YOU must KNOW what matters most is what God said about who we are!


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