Freedom For Souls Tied To Devil Dream Lovers


Freedom For Souls Tied To Devil Dream Lovers: The SECRET Veils of SOUL-TIES
by Dr. Sandy D. Murphy | Sep 30, 2006


Have you ever wondered what was the force that would come into your dreams and lay on top of you, hold you down, choke or suffocate you, and you could not move to break free or scream a word out loud for help?Did you know that just one sexual encounter outside of the marriage covenant of God will cost your soul to be controlled by a demon?Do you for some reason find yourself losing the ability to really love others?Do you have a loss of clear thinking and decision-making?Do you find yourself susceptible to sicknesses, or deadly diseases?Do find yourself sometimes feeling depressed for no apparent reason, judgmental, lustful thoughts, or driven to have sex with someone or watch pornography just to satisfy your lustful cravings, enjoy cheating on your mate, hate some intimate touches from your spouse because they remind you of your perpetrator, feel anxious, nervous, fearful, restless, over eating, unable to eat without pain, grumbling and complaining, angry, or controlling and don’t know why?


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