Discerning Undercover SAP SUCKERS


Discerning Undercover SAP SUCKERS: A Spiritual Fruit Inspector’s Assessment Guide Paperback – Large Print, March 7, 2012
by Dr. Sandy D. Murphy (Author)


In this critical hour, we must be keen in discernment. NOT suspicion, wondering, or guessing! There is a difference between suspicion and discernment. I know you have experienced when spending time with particular people, whether it is in person, over the phone, even text or through the computer emails, that you feel completely drained as though your energy has been literally sucked from you when you encounter the person or read the electronic mail. The “silent messages” via recordings or text, and/or verbal messages sent by demonic messengers through controlling leadership will often leave you feeling as though you have stopped in mid-air and taken a 15-minute treadmill exercise. Your heart begins to race and you suddenly start experiencing uncontrollable emotions such as: shortness of breath, headache, anger, upset stomach, frustration, etc. This small but power-packed message unveils (7) deceptive “Hitch-List” Personality Traits: The Liar Loan Shark, The MY “Entitlement” Mentality, The Sacrificial Servant, The Silent-Suffering Saint, The “Love Bug” Banker, The “Drama” Queens & Kings, and The GUILT “Propofol Inducer”. We must take time to “inspect” (discern) the fruit of their Spirit to avoid unfruitful relationships and emotional distress. (see I John 4:1). Like the old saying goes….”to be forewarned is to be forearmed.”


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