Who should you recommend to our School of Ministry or Trainings?

A number of pastors/leaders have already brought their core leadership through our School (evangelist, pastors, prophets, apostles, teachers, bishops, elders, deacons, ministry heads, and workforce etc.). Others who oversee grassroots outreach ministries have had specialized groups of intercessors or healing ministries, greeters, or church staff to enroll in our studies.  However, we believe our study lessons are perfect for an entire church/ministry leadership team, lay congregation, business and/or grassroots organizations.

As a Pastor/Leader, how will the study lessons benefit me or my church/ministry?

A number of pastors and leaders are currently using our Discipleship Evangelism Studies for their New Members Sunday School or Monthly Leadership Practicums. They are also learning Apostolic principles of order, freedom, unity, and Kingdom growth.  Intercessors learn to “pray the vision” of the senior pastor/ ministry overseer; pastors/ministry leaders learn how to guide their congregations in the most powerful reality of all: Christ likeness.

Tuition and Other Fees

It is our desire to possess every aspect of the character of Jesus Christ. One such area of Christ likeness is to be able to provide the truth of God as inexpensively as possible.


(A).   In that spirit of Christ-like outreach, as in past times, even when a person could not pay the full tuition, we did not refuse them due to the lack of finances. We are now taking that spirit of giving for Kingdom-building one step further by adding two payment plans. One option for New Pre-Licensing Students and The second option for those who need specific payment plans tailored for their budget via online payments here on this website. Note: This second option will be judged individually. We have created an opportunity for NEW STUDENTS registering for Clergy Pre-Licensing who are sincere, accountable, and Christ-like minded to RECEIVE (2) (pre-approved) Studies FREE without a tuition fee. (Free pre-approved lessons are for new Pre-Licensing Studies Students only). Specific Study participation evaluations will be conducted during the free scholarship studies. This Free Study Option does not include CD or Video Studies.

(B). Checks, money orders, PayPal  major credit cards will be accepted. (US Funds only). Please check the PayPal exchange rates.  Please Note: Additional shipping fees when choosing Study CDs OR VIDEOS for those outside the US.

All prices are payable in U.S. funds, non-refundable and subject to change without notice.

All Audio/Video lessons will be emailed to school EMAIL ADDRESS or uploaded ONLY to school online study website.


Onsite Studies Impartation and Practicum Studies Training are required. In order to attend the On-Site studies and testing’s, students must have at least completed the first three or more study tracks of a study plan or have been approved to attend the onsite studies.  Alumni students are welcome to attend approved studies. We encourage you to attend for your annual Clergy CEU commitment.

Students will receive emailed information with studies dates and registration fees based on the study calendar classes.

REFUNDS will be less 10% of the total tuition two weeks before the class start date.  NO REFUNDS beyond that time frame.


The ELST and other Linkage Studies Branches home study curriculum is designed for self-disciplined Christians who study well independently and are seeking to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ (Romans 8:29). Students are required to be aware of any Calendar Studies and/or Quiz/Test or Onsite Studies via email, listen study audio studies, and/or view study Videos, complete multiple choice and short questions at the end of each track when scheduled. These will be submitted online, graded and record individually on the student’s Pre-registered personal website study page located on the ELST online study website. Scores will be posted on the students page or emailed to the students two weeks from the date of the Assignment, Quiz, or Test.

The study quizzes and tests are designed to help students assimilate the written material and audio/video sessions they have studied and heard, as well as to stay focused on the final objective: attaining Christlikeness as a way of life for effective leadership, ministry excellence, and growth. The audios expand on the apostolic principals taught in the written and audio/video lessons that may not tested, but may be required to be listened to before submitting Study Assignments, Quizzes, or Exams. Our study plans are designed to be interactive. All students will need their own email address, Internet service, Skype, WebCam, Desktop Computer, or Laptop with a built-in Webcam in order to effectively participate in this training.

Receiving emails is a critical part of the ELST study plans. Some spam filters may prevent you from receiving important lessons and announcements. To ensure that you receive all of our emails, please add the following domains to your email contact list or personal email list to:,

When submitting homework, study quizzes or final exams, students will be asked to sign a verification of completion at the end of each study track, indicating that they have completed all of the study requirements and/or have listened/view the required audio/video messages for that track.

ALL student lessons are to be ONLY emailed to the ELST email address or School Online Study Campus.

School Email:

ONLINE Study Campus:  Virtual Studies details issued to registered students.

We appreciate your humble cooperation and look forward to serving you.