We are excited about your name being submitted for consideration as a PhD Candidate.

The ELST approved process for advancing candidates for consideration by the Graduates Credentialing Advisory Council in a timely fashion shall include a recommendations review by the ELST Credentialing Advisory Council and selection by the Chancellor of a candidate to be communicated to the ELST Credentialing Advisory Council. The PhD Degree may be conferred upon Candidates recommended by clergy, pastor/overseer, family, or friends, and final graduates for the PhD will approved by the Chancellor and ELST Credentialing Advisory Council.

ELST Reference/Recommendations Forms can be submitted at any time BEFORE the Application process. Below are the PhD Requirements CHECK-LIST to consider before requesting and submitting the ELST Reference/Recommendations Forms for a Candidate. To request the ELST Reference/Recommendations Form, please email us at:

  1. Candidates CAN recommend themselves. Prospective Candidates MAY APPLY for consideration.
  2. Candidate must be saved
  3. Must be currently in fellowship covenant with a faith-based church or ministry
  4. Complete a FBA (Behavioral Wellness Assessment) & Pre-Scheduled Report Personal Council
  5. Submit Court Certified Criminal Background History (report must be current for year of application)
  6. Candidates must be at least 35 years old
  7. Verification of 12 years or more of leadership and/or ministry services with Apostolic verifiable work.
  8. Submit High School Diploma or GED
  9. Submit copies of any relevant College Degree(s), Certificate(s), License(s), or Professional Development Training Credentials.
  10. Verifiable Apostolic leadership services through any five-fold leadership gift. Five-fold evangelical outreach movements, Services Leadership/Mentor integrity and accountability history. [ELST Reference/Recommendations Forms] will be part of this process. However, ELST reserve the right to seek verifications through other Apostolic forms of service delivery and personal references as the Board deems necessary for all applicants.
  11. Eight ELST Reference/Recommendations Forms from (6) Clergy/Ministry Relationships AND (2) Family or Friends. ELST Reference/Recommendations Form will be provided. Forms must be sealed and mailed direct to ELST by Reference/Recommendations. [NOTE]: No Written Letters will be accepted]
  12. Submit ELST PhD Candidate APPLICATION & REGISTRATION FEE = $100.00 (non-refundable)
  13. Council Approved Applications for PhD Candidates are required to Write a (3) Page Persuasive Topical Essay (writing sample). [Note: Internet publications will be rejected and the applicant will need to reapply]. The Essay must be authentic and personalized.
  14. Council Approved Applications for PhD Candidates are required to complete an approved Thesis/Dissertation Topic. [Note: Internet publications will be rejected and the applicant will need to reapply]. Thesis/Dissertation must be authentic and personalized. Thesis/Dissertation types and writing style details will be released ONLY to application approved candidates.
  15. Council Approved Applications for PhD Candidates are required to attend personalized Credentialing Advisory Council Meeting. [location will be announced to approved candidates]
  16. Attend a Pre-scheduled Candidates FINAL Requirements Check-List CONFERENCE CALL

MAIL ELST Reference/Recommendations Forms TO:
ELST-Credentialing Advisory Council
P.O. Box 15211
Humble, Texas 77347

 NOTE:  The above prospective Candidate Requirements CHECK-LIST are ONLY applicable for Council Approved APPLICATIONS. The Application processing does not necessarily confirm the PhD Degree approval since there may be other verifications or documentations to be processed and Board approved.

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